‘What Gibbons Means to Me’ – Michael Broache, ’73

I guess the best way to explain what Cardinal Gibbons means to me is to share the impact of Gibbons on the key events in my life. I come from a family of five Gibbons graduates, including my son.

The education at Cardinal Gibbons is second to none. Beyond the academic environment Cardinal Gibbons provided, the opportunity to develop confidence, leadership and many life skills that I use every day. I was involved in many extracurricular activities and very seldom went home on the regular bus as there was always something to do after classes ended.

I graduated from Cardinal Gibbons in 1973 and went on to attend UMBC where I graduated with a BA in Economics and Accounting. I was the first Accounting graduate from UMBC. Cardinal Gibbons provided me the confidence, work ethic, structure, and time management skills that allowed me to succeed in college, blaze new trails, pass the CPA exam without the aid of a review course, and land good career opportunities. The skills to accomplish the impossible and the attitude that anything can be attained through hard work that were taught by my parents and reinforced by faculty and staff during my time at Gibbons, have followed me through my career in places like BGE, Zurich North America and currently the City of Baltimore as Chief Accounting Officer.

In 1976 I was married to the girl of my dreams in the Weber House by Fr. Richard Kuhn, a Marianist priest who was an advisor during my time at Gibbons. We have been married for almost 34 years. Continue reading



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‘What Gibbons Means To Me’ – Wayne McDowell, ’67

Wayne McDowell, '67, receives 'Businessman of the Year' award from the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce

This is the first in a series of stories written by those whose lives have been impacted by The Cardinal Gibbons School.

I was very fortunate to be able to go to Gibbons during the first 10 years when the Archdiocese subsidized each student by almost 50 percent of the real cost of tuition. Gibbons was $125 and St. Joe was approximately $250. It was tough to get in and at one time there were well over 1100 students at the school from all neighborhoods in and around the city.

The faculty of Marianist Brothers, lay teachers and coaches were outstanding and very dedicated to their mission of Catholic Education in mind, body, and most importantly, spirit. Continue reading

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We’re official. Welcome to the new site.

As of Wednesday, April 28, 2010, Gibbons Educational Services is a legal entity. We received notification that the processing was complete early in the afternoon. By the end of the week the papers will arrive in the mail and the corporation will begin the process to open necessary accounts. Our next step is to begin filing with the IRS to become a 501c3 and receive tax-exempt status.

Last week, G.E.S. representatives met with BB&T nonprofit banking representatives to discuss loan options. BB&T’s representatives were very open to the possibility of providing a substantial support to the corporation. This loan will provide numerous possibilities for the corporation going forward.

This site will be regularly updated with information about the ongoing efforts to open Cardinal Gibbons School as first class independent school. Available on the site is information about the 10K Club and links to the CG Alumni and Gibbons Advocates contact information forms. You will also be able to donate through the site. This function will be available shortly after we have received the paperwork from the IRS. When it is available, a notification will be put on Facebook and e-mailed to our mailing lists. Continue reading

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Introducing Gibbons Educational Services

In anticipation of the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s sale of the Cardinal Gibbons School in September, several members of the Gibbons family have completed the necessary paperwork to obtain 501c3 nonprofit status for an LLC known as Gibbons Educational Services. With this status, the corporation can officially accept donations for the cause.

In the last few weeks, Gibbons Educational Services has actively searched for investors interested in purchasing the 33-acre campus with the intent of forming an independent Cardinal Gibbons School that will continue to build young men for Baltimore in the Catholic tradition.

During the last week alone, we have gained great momentum and exposure for the cause including a story on the front page of the sports section of the Sunday New York Times and Wayne McDowell, ’66, a member of the CG Board of the Directors spent an hour on air with Dan Schuster on Dan Rodricks’ show on WYPR last Monday.

Now we are asking for your help to continue this momentum. Send links to the article and radio interview to former classmates and fellow CG supporters. Forward them this message so they are aware of our mission. Continue reading

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