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It has been almost three weeks since my first official correspondence. The messages that I had delivered were: (1) WE NEED YOU – your time, talents, and resources; (2) The Alumni Association is long-overdue and necessary to replace the disappointment and frustration of the school’s closing; (3) We deserve to celebrate one another, what Gibbons has meant to us, and define our legacy of how we are to be remembered; (4) We need accurate/updated contact information to be successful; (5) We intend on having 2 events to celebrate Gibbons; and (6) You will receive regular communication of these important initiatives.

Since that correspondence, I have heard from a small group of you who are excited about the opportunity to celebrate one another and Cardinal Gibbons. Some guys have offered their time, some have offered money, some have offered future participation, and some have offered auction items. All of these are incredibly important to the success of the organization and I’d like to thank those that have offered these gifts. Please continue to offer your support of this important initiative and rally fellow Crusaders to the cause of making the Association successful.

Please remember that you can make a vital and immediate impact on the Association’s success by doing one of two things:

(1) Take a Lead Role in Updating the Alumni Database

The following alumni have volunteered their time to contact their respective classes:
1966 – Don Kerr
1969 – Jim Frank
1971 – Ted Miller
1973 – Mike Broache
1978 – Chris Colclough
1986 – Jay Dillow
1988 – Dave Smith
1991 – Brian Walsh
1994 – Ryan Beaumont
2001 – Craig King
2005 – Kiel McLaughlin

As of 9/1/2010 WE HAVE LESS THAN 1,000 E-MAILS FOR 4,600 ALUMNI

(2) Help Your Fellow Alumni In Updating the Alumni Database

Cardinal Gibbons has 45 graduating classes plus this year’s Seniors (as well as the Juniors and Sophomores). Even if we had a lead person for each class (which we do not right now) it’s not feasible to get the database updated with 45 guys. It needs about 3 times more. Please consider helping those who have taken a leadership role. The guys listed above are your classmates who could certainly use your help in updating the lists.

Please contact me at bwalsh1 and I will get you in touch with your class representative.

We have about 4,600 alumni which I’ll continue to remind you….often. If we had a total of 135 guys offer to call the entire database that would mean essentially each volunteer would be responsible for 34 alumni or 1 alumnus per night for the month of September. It would take each volunteer a total of 5-10 minutes per night to have the database updated entirely or roughly a total of 5 hours of your time in one month.

It really couldn’t be any easier than that….5-10 minutes a night for one month.

And once the e-mails and mailing addresses are updated more people will be apprised of the efforts of GES and The Alumni Association. The database is, in essence, your database. It is the intention of the association to let all members be able to access the directory. The hopes are to put the database onto the GES website and assign a password for entry to the list. That way our alumni can connect with one another on a more personal basis allowing for more effective contact and hopefully giving you a better opportunity for professional (two of the fields to update are Occupation and Employer) and personal successes.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I get in contact with some guys I haven’t seen for 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years?
  • How many successful Gibbons alumni are in my community that may be able to help me become more successful?
  • Is there something a Gibbons graduate is looking for that I can provide (product/service/advice)?
  • Is there something that I need that a Gibbons graduate can supply?

The database contains an opportunity to answer these very questions and to stay connected to Cardinal Gibbons, its community and its people. Please be involved with making it complete and up-to-date. Its importance to our success cannot be stressed enough as it directly affects the following:

The Annual Bull Roast which will be held this year on its usual date (Saturday before Thanksgiving).  We want as many alumni as possible to attend/support the event. Planning for that event begins next week. E-mails will follow to keep you apprised of our efforts and to solicit your support.

In addition, there are plans to hold a very special event in April or May that will celebrate the alumni, parents, teachers, and supporters of Cardinal Gibbons High School/School. This event will be one-of-a-kind and will chronicle Gibbons from 1962 to the present.

The needs of the two events are various but include sponsorships, auction items, audio-video support, merchandise sales, vendor responsibilities, ticket sales, etc…

As always, give what you can of yourselves and know that you are needed by The Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Association but, just as importantly, wanted.

The next correspondence will have specific information about inclusion, the need for Officers of The Alumni Association, updates on the Bull Roast, Defined Sponsorship Levels, and The Gibbons Celebration Event among other items.

Please e-mail me at or call me at 410-382-3375 if you wish to be involved in making the Association one of enduring success.


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