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The Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Association is a vital part of Gibbons Educational Services, the 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by alumni to execute the following mission:

“To protect and preserve the heritage and history of Cardinal Gibbons School, Cardinal Gibbons High School and St Mary’s Industrial School for Boys while providing future educational opportunities for alumni, their families and disadvantaged others pursuing a quality, values/character based educational opportunity.”

In order for the association and our mission to be successful, WE NEED YOU. In the past, Cardinal Gibbons has not been very good at keeping you connected, engaged, or wanted. That stops NOW. The success of this organization and its mission relies largely on YOU. There are over 4,600 alumni of Cardinal Gibbons. Each of you is valued. You have time, talents, and financial resources that can make successful any venture with which you choose to make a concerted effort.

Given the recent events, it would be easy to simply abandon Cardinal Gibbons and its mission and leave its legacy tarnished. The adversity that we have faced (not only this year but for decades as an afterthought in the eyes and mission of the diocese) has taken its final toll and claimed the life of our school. If you look at what has transpired over the last few months we have been true to our namesake, Crusaders, a group of people engaged in a vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse. We have been on a crusade to save the school, save the kids, save what we love most in Gibbons. It is now time to honor and save our legacy.

Part of the reason that Cardinal Gibbons was closed was that there were too few people consistently dedicated to its survival. Let us write a new chapter whereby The Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Association is incredibly successful because so many were dedicated to its survival.

I am asking for your help in the following areas:

(1) Updating / Maintaining the Alumni Database

We currently have addresses/e-mails for about 300 alumni this year (2010). That means that we still need to update about 4,300 alumni. Every class needs at least one “Class Agent” who can call members of their class and get current information. This is a vital piece of making the below events successful because we will be mailing and e-mailing communications often.

(2) Holding 2 Alumni-Sponsored Events

The Annual Bullroast will be held this year on its usual date (Saturday before Thanksgiving). Planning for that event will begin in the next few weeks.

In addition, there are plans to hold a very special event in April or May that will celebrate the alumni, parents, teachers, and supporters of Cardinal Gibbons High School/School. This event will be one-of-a-kind and will chronicle Gibbons from 1962 to the present.

The needs of the two events are various but include sponsorships, auction items, audio-video support, merchandise sales, vendor responsibilities, ticket sales, etc..

Please give what you can of yourselves and know that you are needed by The Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Association but, just as importantly, wanted.

Please e-mail me at or call me at 410-382-3375 if you wish to be involved.

Brian S. Walsh, ’91
Cardinal Gibbons Alumni Committee


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