‘What Gibbons Means to Me’ – Tim Rose, ’68

Tim Rose, Class of '68

Cardinal Gibbons is not just a school, but an intregal fiber of my life.

Standing for the freshmen homeroom picture out by the flag pole, I remember feeling lost and alone with this group of strangers. I would soon find out that they would not only become friends but a part of my Gibbons family. It was with them that I would try, fail, get up and try again, because that is a part of the Gibbons fiber. Gibbons boys are never alone.

Emotion is a huge part of the Gibbons experience. I cheered the victories, cried at the tragedies, fell in love, and fell out of love. At one point I thought of Gibbons as Toy Land – once you pass its borders you can never return again. On the contary, it never leaves me. I am and will always be a proud Crusader.

Tim Rose
Class of 1968

Tim Rose grew up in Irvington, attended St. Joseph’s Monastery where he was an alter server, avid CYO participant and even a member of the stage club. At Gibbons he played JV football until he was injured and forced to the sidelines. He used the Red Guard as an outlet for school spirit. He was also a member of the Photography and Aeronautics clubs. He worked at the Maryland Shock Trauma unit and has been an OR nurse since 1988. He recently received his private pilot’s license and is ready to take to the air.


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