10K Club

Long-term, sustainable financial support is crucial to the success of the an independent Cardinal Gibbons School. In preparation for such an institution, Wayne McDowell, a member of the CG Board of Directors and an alumnus of the Class of 1967, has established the 10K Club. Members must contribute $1,000 a year to Gibbons Educational Services for 10 consecutive years, totaling at $10,000 gift. As of the mid-April, Wayne has received commitments from more than 70 members of the Cardinal Gibbons family. His goal is to reach 150 commitments, thus securing at least $1.5 million in funding for an independent Cardinal Gibbons School.

Download the 10K Club Form.

For more information about the 10K Club, contact Wayne McDowell at wgmcdowell@comcast.net

Challenge to the Class of ’73

Michael Broache of the Class of ’73, a member of the 10K Club, has thrown down a challenge to his classmates. Of a class of 190 graduates, Michael challenges them to reach 50 members of the 10K Club. If this goal is reached, he will double his contribution, committing a total gift of $20,000 over the course of 10 years.

If you are from the Class of ’73 and want to meet Michael’s challenge, contact him at mbroache@verizon.net


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